Month: October 2016

Finding Oil and Gas Jobs in Calgary

A number of immigrants and college graduates are searching for employment in the oil and gas industry but as many employers will tell you, it is not too easy to find these jobs, it will take a lot of patience and determination. This particular guide will focus on getting a job in oil and gas services industry.

The first step you are going to take is to apply for internships. It is important to realize that you cannot break through immediately into the job market so internships will open up the doors for you. There are a number of companies that provide internship programs, this involve operating oil in water sensors, analyzing gas and sulfur, this may eventually lead to full time employment. With an internship program, you at least have one foot inside the door.

Next you need to ensure that you have some kind of money coming in to support you. A part-time job will help you do that. In as much as you have no job, you need to know that bills will not stop coming in so find a part time job that will give you some kind of financial inflow which will also finance things like your commute to the internship location as well as fund the phone calls you will have to make as you look for an employer in Calgary.

Jobs in Oil and gas services are highly competitive and in order to succeed you will need to have inside information on what to do and how to do it. Getting a mentor is a very good way to ensure you add a competitive edge to your employability. A mentor will be able to hold your hand and show you tricks of the trade so that you can impress your possible employer with advanced knowledge of how the industry works. This is just as good as having ample experience.

In this modern world, there is no way you can ignore social media, use social media to make as many connections in the field of oil and gas. Linkedin is one of the best way to get in touch with the decision makers who will give you a position in the field you are interested in. A number of head hunters are looking for fresh talent as well as experienced individuals and that is your opportunity to show them what you can do and hopefully get an interview.

One of the best advice you can get will be to never give up. Do not get discouraged by the long wait or the many companies that may turn you down. You may have to keep on trying for a year or more but eventually you will make your breakthrough and you will be happy you persevered.