COP15 Day 3

December 9, 2009  

To make sense of all the information coming out of the COP15 conference in Copenhagen, Flow will be running a series of daily blog entries to keep you up-to-date on the latest news from the largest climate change event in the world. Today is day three of the 12-day conference.

If there was something that every delegate and conference watcher could agree on, it would certainly be that confrontation would be bursting out of Copenhagen on a near-daily basis. Today’s brouhaha concerns the draft of a compromise agreement and the resulting rebuke from the chair of the Group of 77, an organization constituted mainly by developing nations. The draft, some say, suggests not only an abandonment of the Kyoto Protocol, but also of the focus on the emissions of developing nations. Where developing nations were previously exempt from emission restrictions, the Danish draft is seen as a shift away from this privileged position. The Danes are saying the draft is intended only as a compromise document but it’s likely that its sentiment, at least, will continue to provide contention in the conference’s climate talks.

Other Copenhagen news includes a back and forth between China and the United States over the severity of US emissions reductions, and a pointed response to the furor over publically released climate change emails from the University of East Anglia by Nicholas Stern. Stern suggests that the emails’ release has confused the situation for climate change sceptics, which isn’t hard to understand considering the mountains of highly technical, and often jealousy guarded, data in question.

Flow readers, thankfully, are luckier: Eliminating confusion is always the goal here.

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